𝛘Challenge Philosophy

The competition is foremost triggered by the need to cope with an alarming environmental context on one side, and a great community of students willing to get engaged on the other side. So let’s take the best  of this propitious climate of changing education systems to explore new ways to bring the SDGs to education!

The 17 UN SDGs

An appropriate environment to take chemical engineering to the next level…

France is joining SDSN network

In November 13, 2018, led jointly by the University of PSL, the University of Cergy-Pontoise (UCP) and Kedge Business School, the SDSN France network (Sustainable Development Solutions Network) was created. Its mission is to mobilize the scientific community and the various actors from the civil, political and associative spheres around the SDGs. SDSN France has set itself five objectives:

Develop basic research and education around the SDGs;

Highlight these educational and research initiatives with public authorities, international organizations, companies and NGOs;

Foster cooperation between different stakeholders;

Engage sponsors in financing projects from French universities;

Disseminate and improve public knowledge and awareness of sustainable development issues.

Joining an emerging international network of disrupting education initiatives.

This year 𝛘Challenge teams will take part in SDG Olympics, an international « coopetition » recognized by UNESCO and organized by the CRI (Center for Research and Interdisciplinary). SDG Olympics  is an international competition of innovation projects that holds its first session in 2019. SDG Olympics is inspired by other interdisciplinary competitions like iGEM (Synthetic biology student competition). These competitions already exist in France,  the United States, India or China and organized by institutes such as CRI, Harvard or MIT. This competition brings these initiatives together by promoting knowledge sharing, sponsorship and learning in a spirit of intercultural and intergenerational emulation.

The chemistry teams from PSL will participate to the general final organized by SDG Olympics at the end of July with all the other teams coming from all over the world.